Our brand inspired by our founder’s love for traveling and discovering new places. Following a visit to the perfume capital of the world (Grasse, France) in 2015, Scentimental Nigeria was born. Our scents are designed to capture the essence of each place it represents, connecting you to various parts of the world through its powerful aroma. Our products are made from carefully selected exotic scents from around the world and each product is individually created using the finest ethically sourced and sustainable materials.


Our brand places emphasis on quality- from conception to customer interaction. Our products are made from the highest quality sustainable ingredients. Our iconic black gift boxes are made from high quality materials are the epitome of understated luxury when it comes to gifting.


Our products are made with renewable and sustainable materials. Our boxes are made from recyclable paper and are re-usable. Our scented candles are made using soy wax, a more natural alternative to paraffin wax. It also burns cleaner and more efficiently. Our reed diffusers and room sprays resonate around your environment more efficiently leaving long lasting scents.
From 2018, our room sprays and reed diffusers will be made from Augeo Diffuser Base- a new and exciting solvent made from a renewable source and low in carbon footprint compared to other bases.


We ensure that our operations are fair to everyone from cradle to cradle.