Our Business

Honesty and transparency will be fundamental to how we run our business and in delivering strong financial performance for our business and our stakeholders. Our ambition is to make our whole supply chain one that is fair and transparent to all our stakeholders. Scentimental will work progressively with communities and businesses to identify or create suppliers and manufacturers that will help us achieve our goal of having a certified fair trade supply chain by 2020 with the support of our partner PFT Global Initiative.

Our Community

As part of our commitment to being an ethical business and in line with our fair-trade certification strategy, we will develop a fair trade sourcing programme to support sustainable development by sourcing ingredients from ethical collaborations such as farm producer’s organisations and cooperatives around the world, with a focus on Africa.

Through our community education partner, Zero to Nigeria, we will reinvest 5% of our annual profit to support community-oriented training, development and skills programmes, some of which will support Scentimental’s HR strategy for building talent pipelines. The initiatives will allow individuals, particularly women and youth to gain better skills to allow them compete fairly in a constantly evolving market place. We have pledged our support to the society through our people who are eager to be part of Scentimental’s sustainability story.

Our Environment

We are firmly against doing business at the expense of our environment and from Scentimental’s beginning we have accounted for our impact on the environment as a cost to our own business. We currently only use environmental friendly soy wax for our scented candles and aim to switch to base oils made from renewable sources for our diffusers and room sprays offering new innovative products.

We launched a Reuse, Return, Recycle campaign in 2017, a part of our plan to create opportunities for our customers to be part of our sustainability story. By 2020, we aim to use more sustainable packaging throughout our product line and continue with our commitment to being a gold standard eco-friendly company.

The commitments we have made to support our community and to build fair-trade supply chain will help us in effectively utilize resources, reduce waste and innovate. Reducing environmental cost due to our business will improve our prospects of being sustainable business on all fronts.