We are passionate about gifting. It gives us the unique opportunity to engage one-on-one with our clients, allowing us the pleasure of guiding them every step of the way towards creating that truly memorable gifting experience for their guests and loved ones, whatever occasion. For this reason, we will always have a team member dedicated to Gifting Services to support you through your very own Scentimental gifting journey. Our consultation service is complimentary, but at an additional cost our team can have your gifts personalised to your taste.

Scentimental Wedding Souvenir


Want add a personal touch to your bridesmaids’, groomsmen gifts or party guests?

With our bespoke weddings & bridal gifting service, you can make your wedding or wedding related event one to remember. From individually personalised items, to your choice of custom-made boxes or paper bags, or even your very own fragrance – just tell us what you want and we will do our best to make it happen no matter your budget!


Each event is special, and we want you to mark every one of them with a signature of elegance and style.

With our unparalleled private event gifting service, you can make a lasting impression on your guests with each beautifully wrapped Scentimental gift. Fancy adding custom labels or personalised boxes? A variety of options are available to you.

Scentimental Private Event
Scentimental Customised VIP Products


Important guest on the way? We’ll sort out something special to make them feel as loved and as important as they should feel.

With this service, make your loved ones feel truly special with a warm gift package carefully put together by one of our gift experts that says ‘welcome’, ‘congratulations’, ‘thank you’ or ‘I love you’ in your own way.


Create extraordinary corporate gifts that say whatever you choose to say to your esteemed clients.

Our belief is that rewarding clients and colleagues should be as stylish and thoughtful as when gifting and entertaining your friends. From individually personalised items to your choice of custom-made boxes, paper bags, or even your very own fragrance.

Scentimental Corporate Event Services
Scentimental Hospitality Services


Add those extra little touches that make your establishment more than just a place for the night.

We work with you towards selecting the perfect combination of products for your establishment from our collections, and if you want your own private label, we can also make it happen. Give your guests an unrivalled experience with unique fragrances and unexpected finishing touches.